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Recommendations for “Weltonisms:
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems” 

For people who need help getting through this crazy world we are living in today, Weltonisms is the book for you. It’s an inspirational collection of memorable quotes from a man who lives these quotes on a daily basis making him one of the most wise, considerate, humble men I have had the pleasure of working with.

If you want to be successful in both work and your personal life, Weltonisms is a must read. Welton James lives his life and motivates so many people by following these quotes. As I read this book, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I could hear Welton saying these words to employees and friends. Everyone in this difficult world we are living in today will benefit from reading this inspirational book. Hats off to a friend, coworker, an all-around awesome guy for taking the time to put the Weltonisms down on paper. They definitely will help so many readers improve their lives.

Former President and General Manager, Tropicana Casino & Resort


Weltonisms: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems is a terrific read and enables the reader to enjoy a plethora of affirmations and thought-provoking “Weltonisms” that Welton shared over the many years of working collaboratively in the gaming industry. He is a consummate professional.

I will be forever grateful for the role that you played in my career development! You make this world better!!

President, General Manager, Thunder Valley Casino Resort


I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented, intelligent, and accomplished individuals in government and in the private sector. Welton James ranked among the best, the brightest and the kindest and has been one of the most generous with his time.

His reality and management style was inspirational. He accomplished his corporate goals because he led with a shared vision and always believed that his staff never worked for him but with him.

Former Chief of Staff, United States Senator Harry Reid


Back when I worked with Welton, I looked to him as a true leader. He was (and still is) a person who demonstrates the behavior he wants to see in others. His Weltonisms just added another level of humanity with intellect, kindness, love and wisdom to his leadership style. My favorite: “I do things right because I’m lazy” is one of my favorites because it makes you think twice and it’s smart.

Director, External Communications, QVC & HSN


Welton’s book is light-hearted in nature and provides an escape from the mundane. You will enjoy this lifetime of pithy quotes filled with wisdom, a touch of humor, and an appreciation of a life well-lived.

Minister Pastoral Care Crosslife Church


Rare it is to find a truly wise man who can make sense of life’s often confounding realities while generously offering practical, mind gripping wisdom destined to contour our life’s path to success and contentment. Welton James is that man! Weltonisms: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems is an adventure that will make you think deeper, feel more alive, and live more creatively than you have in recent memory. In the process you may begin to consider and know the One who is behind all true wisdom, and find skill for life and joy you’ve always wanted! Read, smile, and grow wise.



Almost a decade and a half ago, I was fortunate to meet Welton when we were experiencing a unique Central Florida Christian leadership program together. From our very first conversation, and with every interaction since, he has continually left me inspired by someone’s quote or famous last words, or pondering some new concept or profound life lesson. Often Welton’s insights are based on his own experiences, and his expressions, now known as Weltonisms, always seem to connect a postive thought and a powerful meaning; something to contemplate beyond the obvious. I have come to admire Welton’s special “gift” and his willingness to share it with others.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading Weltonisms: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems and find it to be thought provoking and inspirational.

Human Resource Director Orange County Government


Any conversation I’ve ever had with Welton has been rewarding on its own, whether about music or the state of the world, invariably, there’s always a tootsie pop prize you know is coming—a Weltonism. Every time.

You’d think I would have gotten some paper and a pencil at the start, but without fail, I’d have to break his flow and put him on pause so I could write down whatever treat he was giving me. I encourage you to keep a highlighter nearby, because there will be keepers!

Director TV & Radio Outreach WUCF-TV/FM, University Central Florida


I had the distinct pleasure of working with Welton James not once but twice. First at Resorts International and then at Tropicana Atlantic City. Early on in my career in hotel management Welton was one of my mentors and helped guide me to embrace the concept that we are in the “Hospitality” industry and NOT the “Hostility” industry.

Superior customer service comes natural to Welton as it’s part of his DNA. He taught me to do the right things for the right reasons, as well as under-promising but over-delivering. I am forever grateful to my friend Welton who long ago took his time with a young man at the Front Desk who wanted to succeed and progress. It is because of his time, effort, attitude and leadership that I embraced the hospitality industry and I am a better Executive because of it.

Vice President, Hotel Sales Caesars Entertainment


I worked with Welton for nearly twenty years. Welton’s role was to create memorable guest experiences, which included being solely responsible for turning negative experiences into extraordinarily positive ones at the largest hotel in New Jersey. Welton was born for this role!

What I hope that you visualize while reading this wonderful book of inspiration is the magic man in action. Welton ALWAYS greets everyone, first with a smile that melts away fear, anxiety and anger. That natural smile gives him the opening to change your minute, hour, day and life into a more positive experience through storytelling and Weltonisms.

Those of us lucky enough to have been influenced by Welton know the profound impact that he has on the daily lives of EVERY PERSON whom he treats like guests in his home. Welton always leaves a person better than he finds her/him. You are next.

Director of Enrollment, International School Hospitality, Farleigh Dickerson University


Weltonisms is a read that presents wisdom is a whimsical way, but serious enough to give its content credibility. So much so that you want to adapt much of it for your own life and are often left thinking, I wish I would’ve thought of that. To gain wisdom in a non-burdensome way, get this book for yourself and someone you care about. Life is too short not to.

Executive Director
Christian Help Employment & Resource


Weltonisms: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems is a veritable gold mine for those who seek the treasure of wisdom—true wisdom gained through life’s experience. It is certain to enrich all who read it.

Principal & Owner, Winning Edge Gaming Solutions


Welton James is a long time friend from my teenage years when I was learning how to dance with the young ladies. I knew him as “Squeaky” who could dance better than the whole crew.

His steps were smooth and he had a flow that made all the girls want to dance with him … Lol … While asking him about his dancing skills I realized his mind was sharper than his steps, and more than that he would show all of us the latest steps while throwing out these genius statements that I thought must be coming from a very old soul. We were the same age but his quick wit and wise statements put him in “THE FONZ” category … As I read his book I knew it was written by my friend Squeaky.

This book took me back to a very important growth period in my life, and I realized I was smiling the whole time I was reading it. I encourage everyone to stop what has you so busy and read this book. It will give you a peaceful, knowledgeable and happy, warm glow in your spirit and who doesn’t need that in the world today. Thank you Squeaky.

CEO/Owner, Society Hill Records/The Ingram Music Group


The one piece of advice that Welton gave me during our first conversation that I will always remember is that “you can not change a person’s mind, you can only present them with new information and they decide what they want to do with it.”
I am thankful to have Welton as a mentor and a friend.

Executive Assistant General Manager, Amazon


Welton has been a tremendous asset to our team for many years. His effort, patience, example, loyalty, friendship, and results have become the keys to his leadership. It has impacted our team so well! The experiences and knowledge that he has been able to share with so many people have provided a pretty quick level of learning for those he comes in contact with. His delivery style gives “it” a chance to sink in and be appreciated, which ties very well to “the teacher is teaching if the students are listening.”

I look forward very much to Weltonisms.

Former CEO/President, Papa John’s International
President, Jed Companies dba Qdoba Mexican Eats

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